A Tribute to Ron McKnight

November 25, 2015 at 7:55 pm | No comments

Ron McKnight, founding Board Member of SCW

It is with deep sadness that we recently said goodbye to Ron McKnight, a key figure in SCW’s journey through the years. Ron was a founding board member of SCW USA and served on the Board of Directors from 1998 until he passed on June 18, 2015. Ron participated in countless SCW volunteer trips. He was also instrumental in expanding SCW’s reach when he cofounded Schools for Children, Canada in 2005. Ron’s passion for design and a six-decade career in educational building design, construction and maintenance explains why he was perfect asset for SCW.

“Ron was the epitome of a gentleman, a true statesman,” explains Bill DeJong, SCW Co-Founder. He was a mentor and friend to many of us, always encouraging, always supportive, always with a smile and a sense of humor. We are all thankful for his many contributions to life and benefited from his leadership through his involvement with Council of Educational Facility Planners International and Schools for the Children of the World. We will dearly miss him.”

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