SCW Story

In 1996, Dr. William DeJong, CEO of DeJONG Inc. (, went with his then 16 year old son, Todd DeJong, to do service work through the organization Heart to Honduras in a rural village near the organization’s Honduran complex. While he was there he recognized the dilapidated condition of the school buildings and the underserved population of rural students. He made the decision to return to the United States and form a team who could return to Honduras to do a more thorough assessment of the facilities in the area he had visited.

2002, SCW became a Non-profit, 501(c)3 organization in the United States. The organization was founded by William DeJong, CEO of DeJONG and Charles Newman, CEO of Newman Architecture ( To this day, DeJONG has been donating the administrative support to SCW and Newman Architecture the design support. Both Bill and Chuck travel extensively in support of SCW.

2004, SCW:Honduras became an NGO in Honduras. A major part of the SCW mission is for this effort to become self-sustaining with a focus on in-country leadership. SCW: Honduras is headed up by Alejandra Madrid. Ms. Madrid was one of the original volunteer architecture students working with SCW in 2000. Today Alejandra serves as the Executive Director of SCW: Honduras and coordinates SCW activities in Honduras.

In 2006
SCW:Canada was formed. This organization was co-founded by Doug Allen and Ron McKnight. The organization has immediately become involved in projects in Honduras to reinforce the overall efforts there. SCW:Canada is a recognized non-profit organization in Canada, has a very active board of directors and continues to fulfill the overall Schools for the Children of the World mission.