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Anton is center stage in a classroom of cheers!
Does Anton’s Smile Get Any Bigger Than This?! (He’s in the center in blue.)

Perspective of a Team Leader on a Volunteer Trip to Honduras:
Three years ago, I was asked to take over a club for a departing teacher and friend. She told me that this small club, Schools for the Children of the World, helped raise money to build a classroom in Honduras. She told me that if I went on this summer trip to visit the community we were helping, I would be completely sold on the organization and its goals. Three summers later, I have permanently planned for a week long travel to Honduras each and every summer with excitement and great anticipation.
SCW gave me an amazing perspective on the needs of students in less privileged communities and countries. As a teacher, it struck a nerve when I saw the conditions of the old classrooms and facilities. These were students, just like ones I teach on a daily basis, which sought an education as best as they could. It was this parallel that I believe was the most important aspect for students and teachers that travel to Honduras. We take for granted our state of the art technology and large classrooms with a maximum of 18 students per class. Honduras seeks shelter for two or three times as many students of varying ages and grades to try and learn.
It has been a humbling experience for all of those involved, especially me. And while not every student gets a chance to travel to Honduras, I try and bring back the message to all of my students. Before each holiday break, in the last five to ten minutes of class on that Friday, I have what is affectionately called, “a soapbox moment”. This a lesson I want students to think about over their vacation, not chemistry related, but character driven. Whether it is integrity, kindness, appreciation, charity, or hard work, each “moment” is inspired by my desire to have an impact on their lives as much as the Honduran students have had on mine.
I see the potential in each and every one of my students year round to be good people and help those in need, because I get the opportunity to see who we can be helping each summer.

If you are inspired to help change the lives of students at home and abroad, please donate to AWTY’s School to School Project. ┬áIf you know of a school in the US that would like to sponsor a school construction in a developing country, please let us know at

AWTY Teacher Supervisor with Honduran student

Anton made a new friend in Honduras!

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