Caring for CIPIE

November 25, 2015 at 7:30 pm | No comments

Volunteer Christine Croyle with 1st Teacher of CIPIEChristine Croyle is back at it again.  Not only was this long-term volunteer the inspiration for SCW to build the Centro Integral Para la Inclusión Escolar (CIPIE) in 2005 but she has been dedicating her vacations to helping the center for inclusive education better serve the needs of children with disabilities in the Santa Clara area of  Honduras.  This past October, Christine had the pleasure of reuniting with key players from opening day, the first teacher to support CIPIE and the first student to be served by CIPIE. Ada excelled in CIPIE’s sign language classes and is now attending a neighborhood school where her teacher and parents report that she is doing well. Read more about her trip and discover how you can get involved.  Christine helped CIPIE reestablish important relationships and plan for the future, and she’ll be returning on December 28th to do even more.  Her main focus has been to connect teachers in public schools to teachers at the CIPIE in an effort to provide continuity of care as students are integrated into their classrooms. She also held some crucial conversations with parents, board members and teachers to bring them together to refocus on their shared vision of providing services and support to children with disabilities and their families, ensuring further participation in their communities and schools. We are hoping to find a partner organization to help manage CIPIE long into the future and are looking for volunteers to help us with this search.  If you would be interested in assisting in this endeavor, please contact us at .

Volunteer Christine Croyle with 1st Student, Ada, of CIPIE

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