El Balin, Honduras

In July 2006, SCW traveled to Balincito, Honduras to renovate the community school, Centro Básico Republica de Honduras. The team worked with the people of Balincito to replace lighting, ceiling tiles, toilets, and paint the interior and exterior of 5 classrooms. Unfortunately, this school was badly damaged during a 7.1 magnitude earthquake in March 2009. The community did not have the resources to fix or rebuild the classrooms, so 322 students continued to attend school in the structurally damaged buildings.

SCW returned to Balincito in February 2011 to assess the conditions and worked with the local community to design a new primary school and kindergarten.  An anonymous family foundation in Chicago, IL generously agreed to sponsor the project.  This was their second SCW school.

Construction at Balincito began in February 2012 and progressed quickly thanks to a well-organized contractor and lots of community help!  The community had more than 10 members working on site, seven days a week.  This school was completed and dedicated in November 2012 and includes 6 classrooms for grades 1-6, 1 kindergarten classroom, a computer lab, bathrooms, office, and storage.  All facilities were specially designed to withstand seismic activity and each classroom is handicap accessible..

Read the Balincito Project Scope Report for more information.

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