El Eden, Honduras

SCW:Canada, the municipality of Santa Cruz de Yojoa, and the community of El Eden worked together to build a new school for El Eden in 2012!

There are 134 children between the ages of 1 and 12 in the neighborhood of El Eden.  The old community school had 5 small, over-crowded classrooms.  Because there was not enough room in the classrooms for all of the students to attend classes at the same time, the students attended school in two shifts.  Furthermore, most of the families of El Eden live on one side of a busy road while the old community school is located on the other side, making it dangerous for children to walk to school.

To help solve the problems of over-crowding and the dangerous road-crossing, SCW:Canada and the community of El Eden decided to build classrooms closer to the children’s homes.   A local community member donated a beautiful site for the project, located next to a soccer field.  Construction began in the summer of 2011 and the project was completed in June 2012.  The new school facilities include 2 classrooms, 2 toilets, and an open covered area.

In February 2012, an SCW volunteer team spent 3 days at El Eden working with community members and students to construct a beautiful playground!