Las Minas, Honduras

SCW built a new one classroom school with the community of Las Minas in the summer of 2011!  Las Minas is a rural community located in Villanueva, Honduras with a population of approximately 350 people.  There is no electricity or running water in this village.  Prior to the new construction project, the children of Las Minas attended school in a classroom made of wooden posts and a metal roof.

The more than 70 students of Las Minas now have a beautiful new school!  Construction began in June 2011 and was completed in September.  Las Minas was dedicated on October 4, 2011. The new school includes a large classroom, bathrooms, and a pila.  This is the third SCW school that the Yibrin Family has generously sponsored. The project was recently featured in Honduran newspaper, La Prensa.

In July 2011, an SCW volunteer team spent two days in Las Minas, working with the community to build a playground next to the school.  The SCW team and local students had a great time working together, painting, and playing soccer!

Las Minas Project Presentation