Center for Inclusive Education (CIPIE)

In Honduras, many children with physical and developmental disabilities are left out of the public school system.  Due to limited resources and teacher training to support inclusive education, children are often excluded from formal schooling.  This problem is particularly prevalent in poverty-stricken and rural areas, where families do not have the financial means to provide specialized education and services for their children.
SCW advocates for inclusive education in Honduras by providing assessments, educational services, and support at our Center for Inclusive Education (Centro Integral Para La Inclusion Escolar or CIPIE) in Santa Cruz de Yojoa.   The inspiration for the CIPIE came in 2005, when long-time SCW volunteer, Christine Croyle, noted the great disparity in opportunities available for children with disabilities.  In the last 10 years, SCW and local partners developed the CIPIE with the goal of increasing opportunities for inclusive education.



Services: The CIPIE provides assessments and interventions for children with various forms of disabilities, including learning, physical, and emotional. Services include diagnostics, tutoring, training for parents, and training for teachers so children can be re-established into their regular school systems.
Mission: Our mission is to provide rehabilitation services to groups and individuals of children with special needs, who are an integral part of the community of Santa Cruz de Yojoa and the surrounding area, and to integrate these children into the public education system and society.
Vision: By 2014, the C.I.P.I.E. will be recognized both locally and nationally as a pilot Center for the integration, empowerment, and educational inclusion of children with special needs led by an interdisciplinary team of highly trained, united, dedicated, and dynamic staff that develop creative socio-cultural activities.
So Far: Over 1,000 children have been assessed, 100 children are currently receiving services, and over 200 educators have attended training workshops.
SCW built a brand new facility for the C.I.P.I.E. in 2012. The new facility includes therapy and consultation rooms, staff offices, and a large multi-purpose room for parent association meetings and teacher training.

You can learn more about the CIPIE in our brochure or from Tania Antenucci’s interview on Univision’s Despierta America.