Tapiquilares, Honduras

Tapiquilares is a small, extremely remote village in Santa Cruz de Yojoa, Honduras.  When SCW  first visited Tapiquilares, there were 27 children attending school under a metal roof stucture held up with sticks and no walls.

With a generous donation from an anonymous family foundation in Chicago, IL, SCW has built the new Escuela Marca de ArcaThis school includes one classroom, an open-covered area beside the classroom, and new restrooms. The total area of this new school is 147 sq. meters ((1,582 ft2) and the cost is approximately US $30,000.00. 

The distance between downtown Santa Cruz de Yojoa and Tapiquilares is only 13 kilometers, but it takes 53 minutes to make the trip. Before construction could begin, the Municipality spent 2 1/2 weeks fixing the road so that it would be passable by large trucks.  They spent Lps.70,000 ($3,705) on machinery, fuel and labor. Since logistics are challenging in this location, SCW:Honduras purchased and delivered enough construction materials for a whole month of work.

Because the community is poor and very remote, SCW provided food and mattresses for the construction workers who lived in Tapiquilares for 3 months during construction. Jacobo Acosta, a general contractor who built Pena Blanca School and Ocotillo School, also worked in Tapiquilares. We thank him for being flexible and willing to move to Tapiquilares. Jacobo and his crew built a temporary storage building to store the materials and serve as housing for the construction crew.

Construction began on Tuesday, May 26th, 2010.  On this rainy morning, the community leader, Mr. Abrahan, expressed how excited the community was about building a new school and how this was a dream come true.

Construction was completed in October 2010 and an SCW team attended the dedication ceremony in February 2011.  At the dedication ceremony, the students were excited to receive new school supplies to use in their beautiful new school.  Thank you to everyone who contributed to this project!