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Anton’s Hooked!

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Anton is center stage in a classroom of cheers!
Does Anton’s Smile Get Any Bigger Than This?! (He’s in the center in blue.)

Perspective of a Team Leader on a Volunteer Trip to Honduras:
Three years ago, I was asked to take over a club for a departing teacher and friend. She told me that this small club, Schools for the Children of the World, helped raise money to build a classroom in Honduras. She told me that if I went on this summer trip to visit the community we were helping, I would be completely sold on the organization and its goals. Three summers later, I have permanently planned for a week long travel to Honduras each and every summer with excitement and great anticipation.
SCW gave me an amazing perspective on the needs of students in less privileged communities and countries. As a teacher, it struck a nerve when I saw the conditions of the old classrooms and facilities. These were students, just like ones I teach on a daily basis, which sought an education as best as they could. It was this parallel that I believe was the most important aspect for students and teachers that travel to Honduras. We take for granted our state of the art technology and large classrooms with a maximum of 18 students per class. Honduras seeks shelter for two or three times as many students of varying ages and grades to try and learn.
It has been a humbling experience for all of those involved, especially me. And while not every student gets a chance to travel to Honduras, I try and bring back the message to all of my students. Before each holiday break, in the last five to ten minutes of class on that Friday, I have what is affectionately called, “a soapbox moment”. This a lesson I want students to think about over their vacation, not chemistry related, but character driven. Whether it is integrity, kindness, appreciation, charity, or hard work, each “moment” is inspired by my desire to have an impact on their lives as much as the Honduran students have had on mine.
I see the potential in each and every one of my students year round to be good people and help those in need, because I get the opportunity to see who we can be helping each summer.

If you are inspired to help change the lives of students at home and abroad, please donate to AWTY’s School to School Project.  If you know of a school in the US that would like to sponsor a school construction in a developing country, please let us know at

AWTY Teacher Supervisor with Honduran student

Anton made a new friend in Honduras!

A Tribute to Ron McKnight

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Ron McKnight, founding Board Member of SCW

It is with deep sadness that we recently said goodbye to Ron McKnight, a key figure in SCW’s journey through the years. Ron was a founding board member of SCW USA and served on the Board of Directors from 1998 until he passed on June 18, 2015. Ron participated in countless SCW volunteer trips. He was also instrumental in expanding SCW’s reach when he cofounded Schools for Children, Canada in 2005. Ron’s passion for design and a six-decade career in educational building design, construction and maintenance explains why he was perfect asset for SCW.

“Ron was the epitome of a gentleman, a true statesman,” explains Bill DeJong, SCW Co-Founder. He was a mentor and friend to many of us, always encouraging, always supportive, always with a smile and a sense of humor. We are all thankful for his many contributions to life and benefited from his leadership through his involvement with Council of Educational Facility Planners International and Schools for the Children of the World. We will dearly miss him.”

Caring for CIPIE

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Volunteer Christine Croyle with 1st Teacher of CIPIEChristine Croyle is back at it again.  Not only was this long-term volunteer the inspiration for SCW to build the Centro Integral Para la Inclusión Escolar (CIPIE) in 2005 but she has been dedicating her vacations to helping the center for inclusive education better serve the needs of children with disabilities in the Santa Clara area of  Honduras.  This past October, Christine had the pleasure of reuniting with key players from opening day, the first teacher to support CIPIE and the first student to be served by CIPIE. Ada excelled in CIPIE’s sign language classes and is now attending a neighborhood school where her teacher and parents report that she is doing well. Read more about her trip and discover how you can get involved.  Christine helped CIPIE reestablish important relationships and plan for the future, and she’ll be returning on December 28th to do even more.  Her main focus has been to connect teachers in public schools to teachers at the CIPIE in an effort to provide continuity of care as students are integrated into their classrooms. She also held some crucial conversations with parents, board members and teachers to bring them together to refocus on their shared vision of providing services and support to children with disabilities and their families, ensuring further participation in their communities and schools. We are hoping to find a partner organization to help manage CIPIE long into the future and are looking for volunteers to help us with this search.  If you would be interested in assisting in this endeavor, please contact us at .

Volunteer Christine Croyle with 1st Student, Ada, of CIPIE

Impacting Youth at Home & Abroad: School-to-School Program

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“Hey guys! I wanted to share with you all an experience that has completely changed my outlook on life over the past 2-3 years” shouts out Gabi Mahan in a recent Facebook post along with this video. Gabi is an SCW volunteer extraordinaire! She has been on two volunteer trips to Honduras and is now building momentum for others to do the same. After starting an SCW chapter at her high school in 2012, Gabi is now putting the wheels in motion at the University of Texas.

Gabi goes on to express, “The summer before my junior year, my step grandfather William DeJong shared with me how he dedicates his life to bettering the lives of many children in underdeveloped countries through a non-profit organization called Schools for the Children of the World! “After hearing what SCW was all about, I knew I had to start a chapter at my high school, so I set out to do so! I founded and led a club at my high school and attended two summer trips over the course of my high school career to Honduras! We helped raise over $25,000 one year through: bake sales, garage sales, donations from businesses, and a very successful event/auction at my home in Houston!”

“Now that I am here at the University of Texas at Austin, my goal is to establish a chapter here! My hope is to share my experiences and allow others to join the journey with me and start raising for future trips together! Here is a video of one of my summer experiences. If you are interested and want to know more or know of friends who may be interested, please feel free to add your name and email to the google doc! Maybe you just need community service hours and are looking for a fun and impactful way to do so!! Whatever the reason, do NOT hesitate to reach out! And do not hesitate to share this post with your family and friends!”

If Gabi’s actions inspire you, we’d be thrilled to help you start an SCW School-to-School program near you. We’ve always highlighted how our volunteer trips impact the children we serve, but it is certainly worth noting how positively life changing they are for our SCW volunteers as well.

Contact us at

Awty International School-to-School Team

The 2014 Annual Report is here!

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Thanks to our incredible donors and partners, SCW was busy in 2014! Check out your impact in the 2014 Annual Report.

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